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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive

Do you pick up cars all over Sweden?

Yes, we have collaborations with several towing services across the country!

My car needs to be towed from the workshop

Is your car parked at a workshop, costing you a lot of money? No problem, we'll pick it up wherever it is

Do i need to have the regstration? (Proof of ownership)

Yes, your certificate of ownership is needed to write over the car or scrap it!

The car won't start, are you picking it up anyway?

Yes, we collect in any condition, as long as the car is complete and no major parts are missing.

Can I hand the car over to you?

Yes, you can do that, contact us first and we will help you further!

Did you know that

Many different car parts and components can be recycled from a car. The recycling means that there is no need to produce new components to the same extent, which leads to a smaller environmental impact.

It is important that we take care of our cars and above all try not to affect our nature and environment as much as we can. Recycling car parts is a big part of this.

A car contains several different types of substances that are environmentally dangerous and litter the environment, for example mercury and petrol. Some of the substances that you can find in a car are substances that can also have a long life and destroy animals and plants.

bli av med bilen

Did you know that we usually pick up your car on the same day you get it valued? Don't let the car sit and take up space, take the opportunity to get rid of it today and earn some extra money!

Recycling process

Click on the link to read more about the recycling process that takes place when you scrap your car.


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